Earlier this year, I wrote about Remote Desktop not returning to fullscreen after minimization in Windows 7. The solution is to use Control-Alt-Break to bring the remote desktop window to full screen. And life was grand. I noticed some comments that people had Laptops where their keyboard did not have a Break key.

On Screen Keyboard
Could this help?

I thought that the On Screen Keyboard would work, but I heard that the break key on the On Screen Keyboard didn’t work. I didn’t have time to research, so I left the no break key issue to those that actually didn’t have a break key.
Fast forward a few weeks, and I myself got a Dell XPS 15 which, as luck would have it, does not have a break key. So, here I am again, tackling the same issue. This time, the solution takes a bit of software.
At work, I use a program called AutohotKey to script things out, like my signature. So, RR expands to
Rudy Rodarte

AutoHotKey can also remap keys send commands. Here are a few links showing the different things AutoHotKey can do:
Hot Keys
Remaping Keys
HotStrings (auto expanding text, like my signature)
Now, knowing all this, we can use AutoHotKey to map Control-Alt-Break to some other key. I use Control-Alt-C as my Control-Alt-Break replacement. Here is the code:

^!c::send ^!{CtrlBreak}

You can download the Control-Alt-Break file here:

All you have to do is save this to a file, load the file in AutoHotKey, and use Control-Alt-C whenever you need your Remote Desktop session back to full screen.


Rudy Rodarte is a SQL Server Database professional based in Austin, TX. Over his career, Rudy has worked with SSRS, SSIS, performance tuning troubleshooting. When away from Keyboard, Rudy goes to Spurs and Baylor Bear sporting events.

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