Display results Horizontally in SQL Server

We are all familiar with seeing our data in a vertical format from SSMS. Here is a sample:

FROM    #EmployeeJobs
Employee_ID	Job_id
100	500
100	501
100	502
100	503
100	504
191	501
191	502
191	503
191	505
188	503
188	504

But what if you, or your customer want’s the data horizontally? That is easy enough with a CTE. Continue reading “Display results Horizontally in SQL Server”

Using datediff to display results as HH:MM:SS

DateDiff, y u no Pretty?

Sometimes you just need hh:mm:ss

I ran into a case when I needed to display some results in the HH:MM:SS format. We all know and love DATEDIFF, which gives you whole number results. Using DATEDIFF, I was getting results like this:

--	Declare some variables for the requested timeframe
DECLARE	@END_DATE	DATETIME--	Set the timeframe variables
SET		@START_DATE = '2011-01-01 16:00:00'
SET		@END_DATE =   '2011-01-01 22:47:22'
SELECT DATEDIFF(second,@Start_date, @END_DATE) AS Segundos
(1 row(s) affected)

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