SQL Server Reporting Services

Finding the SSRS Log File

After many years working with SQL Server Reporting Services, I’ve gotten myself into a few situations where I had to examine the SSRS log to see what was happening with data sources, subscriptions, and other, unique SSRS particulars. For a time, I thought that the regular SQL Server Error Log was enough. But experience has taught me that there is much more information inside of the SSRS log file than the SQL Server Agent and Service logs. But, you must know where to look to find the SSRS Log file. Continue reading Finding the SSRS Log File

Stored Procedure Results in an SSIS Message Box

I was recently asked if it is possible to display the results of a query / stored procedure in an SSIS Message box. The answer is Yes, with a bit of C#.

Continue reading “Stored Procedure Results in an SSIS Message Box”


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